Unity Catalog

Indigenous Unity Flag Catalog

Ordering your original International Indigenous Unity Flag is as easy as 1, 2, 3 using a simple Google form for express ordering of a single flag directly from the artist who first produced the flag.

Alternatively we invite those who wish to buy other exciting unique gifts from our foundation to use our new catalog and e-commerce buttons or try our Facebook store (coming in 2018).

Catalog Orders

All orders are guaranteed within 30 days unless otherwise specified, international post can take 4-6 weeks additional. FedEx, UPS and DHL are available upon request at the expense of the purchaser. All orders of $1,000 or more are sent by FedEx, DHL, UPS or other express service at the expense of the shipper. Personal service and support are extended at no cost for all orders; international customs waivers are prepared for those who are registered as members or global citizens supporting indigenous sovereignty.

Our organization works with volunteers and a nonprofit cooperative staff, catalog sales help fund programs and projects developed to promote indigenous society and establish safe enclave states (reservations). Some products are only available seasonally or from indigenous native suppliers located beyond the reaches of civilization.

Special Terms

We sincerely request that buyers and catalog users be aware of all product page notifications and terms on seasonality and availability, if there are questions, contact us with this understanding in the event of back-orders or unexpected delays in receiving our products. We cannot cancel orders or make changes once a blockchain transaction has been initiated in many cases, being unaware of our terms and policies on a product by product basis could lead to harm someone else's livelihood, cause unnecessary administrative expense and for purchasers result in delays in excess of one year. Our cancellation and return policy subjects all orders to a 35% penalty against the total order with all shipping costs billed to the purchaser. Returns of defective or damaged products at the cost of the purchaser are replaced and reshipped at no charge.

Waiting lists on some products are required for items that are made to order or that are custom made. We also provide authentic artefacts and plant/animal/geological specimens to individuals, museums and universities, contact us directly for details.

Over 100 Items

The Unity Foundation Catalog will offer over 100 items from many indigenous tribes around the world. Subscribe to our blog for details.