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Indigenous philanthropy with an ecological purpose that demonstrates results for Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property which protects our ideas, heritage, and territory while protecting the planet for everyone is a Great Idea! -Hon. Michael L. Sher, First Nations, Canada 2014

Donation Breakdown

Since we began with Ecology Crossroads as our non-profit sponsor and started the Indigenous Unity Foundation we made a commitment we would raise funds with the flag for charitable purposes, which we agreed. We also stated based on our underlying commitment as Indigenous peoples to the environment we would engage with Ecology Crossroads based on Globcal International becoming a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization under its legal authority, which they did. So we also agreed that all funds we raise would benefit Indigenous people through philanthropic programs they could participate in by providing ecosystem services and protecting native territory, excellent idea again! So let's do it, we call it Indigenous Philanthropy, and it works well especially in remote Indigenous villages that need the most attention.

International Indigenous Unity Flag

Our Donation Programs

Because we are asking for donations we have developed practical interest based programs that compliment our advocacy efforts and make a permanent change on the world with positive results for Indigenous Nations everywhere. Donations benefit job creation, ecotourism, and provisioning ecosystem services to fight climate change.

Protect Indigenous Land

For as little as $1,000 per year (or $100 per month) you can protect 6 acres (2.5 hectares) of mapped Indigenous territory used for producing ecosystem services. Each 6 acre parcel potentially provides 100 kilos of wild cacao, 100 kilos of forest fruits or nuts, 3 liters of medicinal honey, 200 kilos of medicinal plants, and now 100 (or more) carbon credits based on certified accountability to protect biodiversity through Indigenous conservation.

Get an Original Flag

We do not sell our flag, the flag is only available directly from the artist who created and copyrighted it; the Hon. Michael Sher will provide an original "International Indigenous Unity Flag" to anyone who makes a one-time donation of $25 or more and covers the costs of manufacture, shipping and handling which is USD $96.80; you can thank inflation and the postal service for the increase from $59 and $79 and now product plus postage. He is also willing to provide a "free flag" to all those that join the foundation with a $100 per month IPES Agreement or $1000 annual membership. It is all for a good cause.